TRON Legacy Release Party, 2010

VIDEO: The complete live act “From The Game Grid,” presented by Thrills and Skills on December 18th, 2010. A fan-produced, live re-telling of TRON: LEGACY in honor of the premier of it’s America theatrical release date. Film clips mixed with a Live performance, outrageous decor, and incredible fan-created costumes, and amazing Disc Battles!

Live video by Ethan Jones, Hand Held Films.
Producer/Director – Flynn
Choreography – Mike Zhang, Omar Holmes
Video Editing – Flynn, Mike Merin
Custom EL Wire Costumes – Matthew Procaccini and Flynn

Cast In order of Appearance:
Blue Rider – Rich Zak
CLU – Flynn
Kevin Flynn – Paul Sposato
Castor – Roger Hanson
Sam – Jesse Barnick
Red Guards – Mike Zhang, Omar Holmes
Sirens – Lauren Palm, Jacqueline Penny Hart, Samantha Isom, and Stephanie Goichman
Quorra – Adrienne Lombardo
Classic Sark on Stilts – Juan Leiva

Special assistance and thanks to:
Rachel Griffin, Spin Master Toys
KC, T Motorsports
Alex Lau
Jason Hoffman
Matt Procaccini
Keith Ketchum, Kik designs
Brian Forman
Derek Hildalgo
Mel Kovak
Scott Lind
Luis Miguel-Torres
Paul Charles

All TRON: LEGACY footage used from trailers and clips released and available in the public domain, except for TRON 1982 visuals.

Extra Special Thanks to Kostume Kult and NY Jedi for the amazing decor!