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Flynn is a designer and builder of cutting edge DJ workspaces, Crestron powered homes and commercial buildings, recording & live performance audio systems, and automated living and home theatre environments.

A promoter, DJ and musician himself, he has performed at parties in excess of thousands of people, and is also the founder of the wildly popular In the DVD release of the new documentary Reclaiming the Blade (May 09), the new Light Saber schools are sighted as being one of the modern organizations keeping the art of sword work alive, and making something new.

Flynn is a new breed of producer. Under the Thrills and Skills brand, Flynn has brought together many different artists in a wide range of settings to produce many different musical, community, and promotional projects.

"I'm an audiophile by definition, but first and foremost, and in many respects, I'm a passionate artist. There's so much to explore in the word of audio and video, as well as using technology not only as a communication medium, but as Art. I'm a DJ, Recording Artist, Systems & Audio Engineer, Actor & Entertainer, even a fight Choreographer. When it comes to being creative, there's so much to explore."


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