LED Saberist Programs

Everybody loves Lightsabers, and everyone loves a hero. The creators at Thrills and Skills realized long ago that there are many of us out there that need to learn the art of a more civilized age. Since 2005, we’ve created our own characters, produced dozens of shows around the country, and have had our work featured in most of New York’s newspapers, TVs Shows, and other international magazines. If you’re in New York city and need to find a Saber, hit these links!

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SaberistAcademy - Ever since the New York Jedi founded the first Light Saber stage combat classes in 2006, hundreds of saber enthusiasts have been through our doors, and from that passion and commitment, Saberist Academy came to light.


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The following groups and classes are the LED Saber programs currently offered and endorsed by Thrills and Skills. Check out the links for the website, and learn the ways of the saber…


NY Jedi logoNew York Jedi - since 2005The New York Jedi has been a community of Cosplayers, Martial Artists, producers and teachers, who share practical Stage Combat techniques oriented toward light sabers, in order to create illuminated stage combat! But we are not character or cannon specific to any story franchise. We give you the exciting option of creating your own hero, from whatever source inspires you! We just focus on the whole saber thing, and hanging out with cool dorks, geeks, newbs, whateveh! Bring the Shiny…




SaberWars.com – The New York Jedi have inspired hundreds of saber clubs all around the world, and SaberWars.com is gearing up to be the international hub and business directory of LED saberists world-wide! Looking for Saber Companies, Stage Combat groups, real-world sparring and training, maybe officially recognized fan clubs? You will find them all listed here.


SaberKidsWebsiteLogo3-smSaberkids.com - Based in New York City, a kids class and birthday party program that offers either a one day birthday party “Basic Saber class”, or a 5 week expanded program! Parents from around the Tri-State NYC Metro area since 2006 have been demanding a kids saber class. That’s where Saberkids.com comes in!  Looking for a Saber Academy Birthday party? You’ve found the right place!


Saberist Academy – The Defacto Saber Guide on the basics of LED saber combat, physics, versions of training, etc., with input from Saber teachers around the world.