Environments LEDs and Installations

From time to time, we are consulted on a variety of LED and LFD (Large Format Display) and display installations. Our work has been seen on national television, the New York Times, and other international publications, and across the country. Below are only a few of our technical projects in Environmental Design, LED TVs, and Lighting.


NUANCE, LAS VEGAS 2013 – Design by Adam Alexander.  “On Tuesday, January 8th 2013, Nuance Communications launched their new product line at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The Adam Aleksander team designed and constructed an immersive exhibition to showcase each of Nuance’s forthcoming products in a real environment.  The installation was broken into six open-air sections where salesmen could walk the clients through and demonstrate each program. 

“The challenges were great as we had less than 1 month to pull together a team, rent a warehouse, build, and transport the exhibition to Las Vegas. The buildout brought together over 20 craftsmen together in a 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse on the Greenpoint waterfront between Christmas and New Year’s.  We broke down the build into five departments: the scenic painters, the carpentry crew, sculptures, managerial team, and video game designers.”

Flynn provided Lead Carpentry and overall Video Game Car construction, with Team Management, and technical audio & lighting installation around the set. More info at AdamAleksanderPresents.com.


SGDA – The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art.  Built in 2009 by Thrills and Skills, The SGDA is now a cornerstone of the Digital Art Movement not only in it’s home of SOHO, but the world. Browse thru the current International artists being featured on 16 42″ revolving, High Def digital screens to then order your very own equally high-resolution print. At the size you even desire.  The SGDA is the brain-child of owner John Ordover, .  All Technical Design and installation by Flynn.



Buzz Media Studio – LED Lighting Installation. Remote DMX control, and individual panel color selection, all run on 12V LED lighting strips. Remote control for lighting accents via WIFI DMX control. Studio Design by Clarence Major (clmajor.com).




MET Life Arena - LFD (Large Format Display) LED Screen Installation and Configuration.  Seen below is the Met Life Arena in Rutherford, NJ. The Screen was Installed by IC Technologies, and measured 30′ high and 45′ across, and was an LED resolution of 4mm Pixel width.



Docking Bay 420, A Star Wars inspired home.