Thrills and Skills was founded and is run by Flynn, artist entrepreneur extraordinar. “Please feel free to look through my site and let me know if I may be of service.”

Thrills and Skills is comprised of numerous artists and producers from New York, Brooklyn, and Queens. Most of the events and projects you will find here are directly related to the artist community in and around New York City.

Whether an underground party or a corporate event, the people at Thrills and Skills are professional, creative, and dedicated. With talents that include web development, on-line community development, painting, PR & promotion, custom guitars, and music production or support, T&S has your creative objectives in mind.


In the Summer of 2005, Flynn went to Burning Man with the most awesome and amazing people, and discovered that truly, ANYTHING is possible. That Autumn, in the 2005 NYC Halloween Parade, New York Jedi was born. Now, approaching a decade later, we still find that glow sticks make people happy, and this orignal saber community has spread around the globe.

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