The Grunge 20 Year Seattle 90′s Tribute Show


January 6th, 2012 7:30PM to 1AM, Gramercy Theater
127 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010. (Gramercy Tix, TicketMaster)
Grunge20-web-insert1aFINALAnnouncing, January 6th 2012: “The Grunge 20″ celebrates the seminal sound and influence of the biggest names in Grunge Rock era. Inspired by the recent “Pearl Jam Twenty” biodoc, “The Grunge 20″ is an historic East Coast live music event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the emergence of Grunge with a night of music created by the bands that fueled it all. The event will feature many local bands, cover bands, and solo performers covering both classic anthems and b-sides from the era, as well as a few key surprise guests. Appropriate time period attire and facial hair is encouraged.

In this tribute to the West Coast / Seattle Sound that spawned a sound and culture that reached & inspired global audiences and artists, bands will cover specially-selected songs from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, etc. Featured musicians will perform songs of their choice that exemplify the era, with a few numbers reserved for a grand finale involving many of the musicians. No song will be repeated, and each band will be playing several times throughout the night. This isn’t your average band set thing, it’s more of all the bands taking turns to play a DJ playlist!

SET 1 – 9pm, ALT FAVS, Lesser known hits, and band favorites from Primus, Hole, etc.

SET 2 – 10m, UNPLUGGED. Acoustic set styled a’la MTV’s most popular live music series from the 90′s.

SET 3 – 11pm, HARDER THAN YOU. All that rough stuff that kicked ass on the CD, but never made it to the airwaves.

SET 4 – Midnight, TOP GRUNGE FAVS. Would, Plush, Outshined, and more,,, all LIVE!


Grunge 20 is an event like no other produced in New York before- part birthday party for a movement that rocked America and the world, part gathering of musical minds to pay tribute to songs that changed their lives, and part glance into the past and opportunity for fans to see favorite songs performed that they’ve never had a chance to see live (and may never again).

Expect to hear songs from the lesser known b-sides, an Unplugged set ala MTV’s smash hit live acoustic music series, sailing into the night with the most popular tunes from back in the day, with a little bit of NYC added flavor! You never know who might join us that night…



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01/05/12 – The Unplugged gets a boost! The Legendary GEORGE STASS adds to the acoustic bliss…
12/14/11 – Brooklyn’s finest shows up with MADAM TRASHY climbing the trusses!
12/10/11 – Kickass Nirvana tribute rockers PET VIRUS added to the roster!
11/29/11 – Alice in Chains tribute band FACELIFT signs on for the show. \m/etal!
11/27/11 – Members of the Middle Eastern Jazz Fusion Trio band CONSIDER THE SOURCE get wooed by the Grunge…
11/26/11 – Former 90′s cover band GAUGE Announces reunion performance at The Grunge 20.
11/22/11 – Long Island band cast from BLUE MOVIE agrees to get Grungie!

2011,2012 The G20 Seattle Tribute Concert, Produced by Thrills and Skills, INC!
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