Thrills and Skills is an events, experimental art, and media production company. We provide events and production services, film making, corporate branding for event planning and promotion, and sound, video & art installations. Try us – we can create it, and at a level of quality that surpasses merely professional standards. And by getting audiences involved and utilizing “Creative-Community” marketing, we have a unique perspective on creating art and presentation – you’re included. Check out the Past and Current events produced by TnS;


Flynn's LIVE #1 - The Tarantino Ball

NEW! FLYNN’S LIVE, Take a walk on the Live side, Brooklyn’s best live venues and bands, with a monthly Costume theme music party featured. More info coming soon, Fall of 2013… (facebook page)


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header-background-girlsTheMETAVERSE, Times Scare, NYC, Sat. Oct 12th, 2103 after New York Comic Con.
The METAVERSE hit the convention scene as the Officially Un-Official Comic Con After Party during NY Comci! Blending Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and Super Hero Cosplay themes it’s a costume Shindig with 3 Party Rooms, 6 DJs, Costume Contest with $1000+ prizes, Live Nerdy Burlesque, and 3 live bands with KISS NATION headlining! (website:

“Simply the best Comic Con After Party I’ve been to in years! thanks for bringing it back!”
- Annonymous, from attendee to co-producer Mike Zhang



The Grunge 20, Gramercy Theater, New York City, January 2012, A Tribute to the Seattle Sound.
Inspired by the recent “Pearl Jam Twenty” biodoc, “The Grunge 20″ is an historic East Coast live music event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the emergence of Grunge with a night of music created by the bands that fueled it all. Appropriate time period attire and facial hair was encouraged. Live bands Pet Virus, Madam Trashy, Small Axe, Broken Glow, Blue Movie, Gauge, Consider the Source, and Facelift (Alice in Chains Tribute Band) gave incredible performances in celebration of the seminal sound and influence of the biggest names in Grunge Rock era. (website no longer available)


FLYNN’S TRON LEGACY Movie Release Party, December 2011
If you grew up in the 80′s, right after computers like Radio Shack’s TRS-80, Commodore 64, or Apple’s 2C, you knew about the movie TRON. It was a first, fantasmical look inside something that every child that ever visited an arcade with pocket full of quarters knew about, the video game. When TRON Legacy was released, this was Flynn’s vision of the Release Party; Vimeo link to FROM THE GAME GRID; The Live Show.