You have found the Thrills, and the Skills that make it all possible.

This is the home of The METAVERSE, The New York Saberist Society, Saberist Academy, Powered Environments, and “Flynn’s LIVE!” We create Fantasmical Moments! We take the fantasy, the Science Fiction and Pop-Culture dreams, and create incredible and awesomely real environments, classes, and resources for people to interact directly with their own imagination. From dance parties to live events, classes in stage combat and storytelling, even cutting-edge technology & media installations, we provide you the access to your own imagination. Wanna learn how to wield a LED saber, for real? No, we’re not kidding.

Thrills and Skills does one thing well, REALLY well; we create moments and events that get people excited about their own fandom! What’s our secret? Inclusion. All our events are about getting interactive with the attendee, and on their own level.

Events and Live Production, On-Line Communities, LED Lighting and Display technology, and 21st Automation. Thrills and Skills covers a lot of ground, and usually blazes trails where most only dream to tread.